Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Enoch Ardon

Enoch Ardon are a four-piece screamo band from Oviedo, Spain that formed in 2006. Their main point of comparison is Orchid, which as far as influences go, it doesn't get much better than that. They were mainly active around 2006 and 2007, but released a new 7" a few years back in 2014, which picks up right where they left off, which is pure, chaotic goodness. Enjoy.

1. Sigo Atado
2. Truenos Truenos
3. Disnea
4. Osos De Ojos Verdes
5. Cuando Estaba Muerto Los Pájaros Se Posaban Sobre Mi Nariz
6. Iceberg

10. Basmati

1. Una Mano Empuja A La Otra
2. Qoala
3. Hacerte Llorar Perros
4. Piernas Sin Gente
5. Explosiones A La Velocidad De La Luz
6. ---
7. Ozono Troposférico
8. Un Caballo Tranquilo
9. Síndrome Del Temblor Negro
10. Dientes Hipersensibles
11. ----

1. Un Pie Pisa Al Otro
2. Caminando Boca Abajo
3. Mucho Lujo
4. Nosia
5. El Aullido

Sunday, 26 February 2017


Droughts are a four-piece post-hardcore/emo band from Chicago, Illinois that formed in 2010. Up until this point, all I was really familiar with in regards to this band was their splits, which were with some incredible bands (one with William Bonney, and another with Prawn, Frameworks, and Kittyhawk). Fast-forward to 2017, and they just released a new full-length which I figured I'd check out, and I have to say, it's absolutely fantastic. The odd rhythms, bass-heavy riffs, angular guitars, and screamed/shouted vocals all harken back to a ton of the great post-hardcore bands that came out of the underground punk scene in the 90's. Specifically, their Bandcamp references Shotmaker, an incredible band and perfect point of comparison. It also mentions These Arms Are Snakes, which is another definite clear influence. Victor! Fix The Sun and The Reptilian also come to mind, while we're in the midst of rallying off band names here. Overall, Stay Behind is a highly recommended listen, especially for someone looking for good, modern post-hardcore that still stays true to the genre's roots. Enjoy.

1. Stillborn
2. No Blood Loss
3. Paper Cut Outs

1. Droughts - Class Of '09
2. Droughts - Body Of Glass
3. William Bonney - The Rapture
4. William Bonney - Red River
5. William Bonney - Robbie Hansen

1. Kittyhawk - Daily Dodger
2. Kittyhawk - Food Fight
3. Prawn - Nerves
4. Prawn - Laki
5. Droughts - Deaf Grin
6. Droughts - Financed Furniture
7. Frameworks - Presomnal
8. Frameworks - Preamble

1. Closer
2. I Wish I Had Your Optimism
3. Stay Behind
4. Deaf Grin
5. Financed Future
6. Class Of '09
7. Body Full Of Glass
8. Stillborn
9. No Blood Loss
10. Paper Cut Outs

1. Welcome Back
2. God City
3. Pure Carbon
4. I Wish I Had Your Optimism
5. Marionette
6. Remove Yourself
7. Cutouts
8. Lose Light
9. Mainstay
10. Stay Behind
11. Never Done

Friday, 24 February 2017

Boys Life

Boys Life were a four-piece emo/indie band from Kansas City, Missouri that formed in 1993 and broke up in 1997. They briefly reunited in 2015 for a tour behind the reissue of their second full-length (and classic album), Departures and Landfalls. Without a doubt, this band is one of the many beloved bands to come out of 90's indie/emo, and fans of bands like Christie Front Drive, Braid, The Promise Ring, Indian Summer, and Shotmaker will immediately see the appeal here. Boys Life were often melodic, but with some technical, off-kilter tendencies that showed some post-hardcore influence in the mix. They put out two full-lengths, both of which are fantastic. They also released a few 7" singles and splits, most of which I unfortunately don't have. If anyone has anything missing from here, please send 'em my way! Enjoy.

1. Lister
2. Without Doubt

1. Boys Life - Worn Thin
2. Giants Chair - Ever Present

1. Golf Hill Drive
2. Tucked In
3. A Quarter's Worth
4. Without Doubt
5. Lister
6. Breaker Breaker
7. Cloudy and 47
8. Temporary
9. Clay Hill

1. Christie Front Drive - Instant Romance
2. Christie Front Drive - Bowl
3. Christie Front Drive - Valentine
4. Boys Life - Sight Unseen
5. Boys Life - Homecoming
6. Boys Life - Two Wheeled Train

1. Fire Engine Red
2. All Of The Negatives
3. Twenty Four Of Twenty Five
4. Radio Towers
5. Sleeping Off Summer
6. Calendar Year
7. Friends For That
8. Painted Smiles

15. Sight Unseen (Live)

Wednesday, 22 February 2017


Scapeshift are a four-piece pop punk/emo band from the great city of Windsor, Ontario. They just released their debut EP, Reasons I Need To Disappear. Fans of early Title Fight, Real Friends, and Pentimento will definitely take interest in this. They blend the high-energy and catchiness of pop punk with the intricate guitar noodling and introspection of emo to create one hell of a solid EP. This is definitely recommended. "Heavily Played" and "You Should Have Left Me At The River" are essentials. Enjoy.

1. Near Mint
2. Lead Heart
3. Heavily Played
4. Teardrops And Art Museums
5. Eulogy (Good, Fuck 'em)
6. You Should've Left Me At The River
7. Teardrops and Art Museums (Acoustic Versions)

Dead Tired

Dead Tired are a five-piece hardcore punk band from Hamilton, Ontario that formed in 2015. They were formed by Alexisonfire vocalist George Petit during the brief time AOF were on hiatus, though Dead Tired continue to be active today. They play straight-up classic hardcore punk, in all its angry and energetic glory. George's vocals are fucking A+ plus, as expected of course. Their self-titled debut is a fantastic album for anyone looking for some straight-up, gritty modern hardcore. Enjoy.

1. Court Of Public Opinion
2. All Hands
3. Nativity
4. Dead Tired
5. Hill Of The Poisonous Tree
6. Slow Day
7. Nightmare
8. Punks At The Gym
9. Cold And Construction
10. Awakened
11. Undecided
12. Expansion

1. The Prowler
2. Can't Shut It Off
3. Music Enthusiast Blues

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Blind Girls

Blind Girls are a four-piece screamo band from Gold Coast, Australia that have been around since 2013. They play a fantastic style of screamo that blends the sounds of bands such as Beau Navire and La Quiete. It's aggressive and chaotic, yet still contains some hints of melody and technical prowess. This is highly recommended, and are one of the best modern screamo bands you'll hear. Enjoy.

1. Warmth of Love
2. Lament
3. Noose

1. Never Now
2. Tomorrow's Design
3. Thorn Trail
4. Efflorescence
5. Cycles of a Last Memory
6. Black
7. Shy Moon's Grey Night

1. Foot in The Way
2. Anathema
3. Spoils of Rip
4. Stratus
5. Rudimentary Fold
6. Years in Grey 

1. Blind Girls - Sentient
2. Blind Girls - Silhouette Friends
3. Blind Girls - Grey Permanence
4. sans visage - Kyogen
5. sans visage - Sight

Monday, 20 February 2017

Union Of Uranus

Union of Uranus (sometimes just Uranus) were a five-piece hardcore/grindcore band from Ottawa, Ontario that were around from 1993 to 1998 (not 100% sure on the years though). Along with One Eyed God Prophecy and a handful of others, this band was a major influence on screamo, particularly bands like Orchid, June Paik, and others like that. Just listen, the similarities are undeniable. Though the band had a few years of activity, their discography is fairly limited. They released a demo, Backhand, in 1994, which would later be re-released on a split with His Hero Is Gone. They also released a split with Immoral Squad, and a 2x7" titled Disaster By Design. In 2004, a full discography compilation was released, titled To This Bearer of Truth. Grab this now, this is by far one of the most underrated hardcore bands ever. Enjoy.

1. Union Of Uranus - Believer
2. Immoral Squad - Book
3. Immoral Squad - Endless Road

1. Circumstance
2. Face Value
3. Panacea
4. Pedestal
5. Revolve

1. His Hero Is Gone - Friendly Fire
2. His Hero Is Gone - Fool's Gold
3. His Hero Is Gone - Scare Tactic
4. His Hero Is Gone - Sound The Alarm
5. His Hero Is Gone - Becoming Soil
6. His Hero Is Gone - Raise The Curtain
7. Union Of Uranus - Backhand
8. Union Of Uranus - One Eye Strengthens
9. Union Of Uranus - Weight Of Tomorrow
10. Union Of Uranus - Equilibrate
11. Union Of Uranus - Pressure (Negative Approach cover)

1. Circumstance
2. Face Value
3. Panacea
4. Pedestal
5. Revolve
6. Believer
7. Backhand
8. One Eye Strengthens/Weight Of Tomorrow
9. Equilibrate/Pressure

One Eyed God Prophecy

One Eyed God Prophecy were a hardcore band from Sherbrooke, Quebec (Canada) that were around from 1995-1997. Though their existence was brief, their influence is monumental. Along with fellow Canadian band Union of Uranus (who OEGP claimed to share members with to attract people to their shows on tour), they formed the framework for screamo that bands like Orchid would later take and run with. This combination of hardcore, crust punk, and grindcore results in an incredibly intense, dark, and dissonant sound that's unmistakable for fans of the screamo genre. It's origins are highly disputed of course, and though it was a sound that had been developing for years, the input of One Eyed God Prophecy is undeniably important in the genre's formation. They only ever recorded one album, a seven-track self-titled release that came out in 1996. This thing is fantastic from start to finish, with the lengthy tracks fully exploring the band's complex sound, which is nothing short of groundbreaking. A discography CD was released in 2001 that contained both their sole LP and a few live songs. Both are included below, so enjoy.

1. Toddler
2. (Interlude)
3. Wilf
4. Karysun
5. End Of The Story
6. Fields Of Separate Realities
7. Individual Gallery

1. Toddler
2. (Interlude)
3. Wilf
4. Karysun
5. End Of The Story
6. Fields Of Separate Realities
7. Individual Gallery
8. Wilf (Live at CFLX)
9. End of a Story (Live at CFLX)
10. Toddler (Live at CFLX)
11. Fields of Separate Realities (Live at CFLX)
12. End of the Story (Live at Birdhouse)
13. Toddler (Live at Birdhouse)
14. Karysun (Live at Birdhouse) 

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Giants Chair

Giants Chair were a three-piece post-hardcore band from Kansas City, Missouri that formed in 1993 and broke up in 1997. They were a part of the burgeoning underground hardcore scene in the mid 90's that would be crucial in developing post-hardcore and emo into what we all know and love today. Though perhaps not as well-known as a band like Drive Like Jehu, or associated with a legendary label such as Gravity, Giants Chair are nonetheless an incredible act who put out two perfect albums. This band plays with such a tight complexity, with songs walking the line between melodic and aggressive. Their musicianship is impressive, and their songwriting ability only furthers the notion that they're one of the best post-hardcore bands of the 90's. I only have their two full-length albums, though they did release a few splits and such. If anyone has them, I'd really appreciate them being sent my way. Thanks "ogg future"!  Enjoy.

1. Common Cold
2. Weed Roses

1. Boys Life - Worn Thin
2. Giants Chair - Ever Present

1. New Orleans
2. Mother Brother Sister Lover
3. Gutshot and the Jogger
4. Mainline
5. Semi
6. Blue 88's
7. Kick The Can
8. Weed Roses
9. Fingerhood
10. Full on Flat White 

1. Purity And Control
2. The Callus

1. Nondescriptionist Ethic
2. Robbing Peter, Paying Paul
3. Single File Accident
4. Purity and Control
5. 1000 of Anything
6. Work as Fuel
7. The Speech
8. Blind in One Eye
9. The Ballad of Jody Hamilton
10. Muelbach Pigeon


Foxmoulder are a four-piece screamo band from Toronto, Ontario that have been around since 2012. They're probably one of my personal favourite screamo bands around now; this is some good shit right here. They're noisy and chaotic in the vein of classics like Orchid, but would also appeal to fans of other fantastic modern bands, such as Capacities or Coma Regalia. If you've got a hankering for a skramz fix, here it is. Enjoy.

1. Intuition/Rhetoric
2. Neutral
3. Awkward
4. Absurd
5. Breath of the City

1. Foxmoulder - Rapture
2. Foxmoulder  - Ascend
3. Sartre - Circadian
4. Sartre - More Weight

1. Tesslyn
2. Hum
3. Havelock
4. Endless/Blameless

15. Far Away Friends

Note: Full comp here

1. Foxmoulder - Pine
2. Coma Regalia - Suffering / Anger / Peace

1. Foxmoulder - Tempered Ill
2. Foxmoulder - Needless/Anxious
3. Foxmoulder - Antrim
4. Foxmoulder - Shame
5. Foxmoulder - Increments
6. Eaglehaslanded - Intro (Nightmares In Suburba Pt. III)
7. Eaglehaslanded - Заклятые Враги
8. Eaglehaslanded - Mora samo da se umre
9. Eaglehaslanded - Got a Flower
10. Eaglehaslanded - Tworatz
11. Eaglehaslanded - Grobljanska
12. Eaglehaslanded - 1000 Palms